10th February 2017

The PKR Sabah Chairman Christina Liew together with her vice chairman Kenny Chua and her assistant Secretary Sazalye attended the exhibition of the TAED development plans at the DBKK this afternoon.  They lodged their objections  with the DBKK on the TAED in particular the locality of the development.


“We welcome any kind of development that will benefit the State’s economy development, providing employments to our locals, promoting our State as one of the tourism hotspot in Malaysia. After all, Sabah, the land below the winds are already one of the favorite spots for the tourists.

Sabah has Mount Kinabalu, the highest mountain in South East Asia. We have   beautify beaches including Tg Aru Beach with it’s most amazing sunsets scene and the most spectacular views underneath the sea water for the divers in many of our famous islands. Our State government’s effort to continue promoting, and further developing these beautify places to attract tourist and repeat tourist to visit Sabah is commendable.

However, we strongly object any development projects that may, and likely to, destroy the natural beauty and its environment,  and taking away the existing beautiful beach such as the Tg Aru Beach,  in it’s attempt to turn it into a man made tourism beach couple with hotels and yacht docking facilities for the tourists,  is unacceptable.

Tg Aru Beach is a favourite place among the Sabahan. Many of the Sabahan especially the residents from Kota Kinabalu and other areas had fond memory of the beaches in Tg Aru. Why destroy it’s natural beauty and turn it into a man made beach by the reclamation of the seat front?


The “assurance” by the project management that 60% (later turned into 30%) will be reserved and available for the locals who wish to visit the TEAD is of no guarantee.

We remember in the case of another resort development in the nearby area of TAED, a piece of land consisting of 4.50 acres was gazetted in 1996 as land reserved for public park at coastal highway, Sembulan.  But on 19th May 2016, the said gazetted land was revocated by the government and it is no one longer a gazetted land reserved for public park. With this past precedent, it is therefor no gurantee such revocation would not happen again in future in the lands reserved for public, in the TAED project.

The people of Sabah are worry that with TAED, it will take away the beautiful sight of the famous sunset view where the ordinary folks can enjoy, like they are now any times.

Further,  from the development plan, it looks like a large part of the TAED project will include hotels and yacht park including other facilites which will be  enclosed,  and only the Tourists and or the rich people can afford to patronize the facilities and enjoy them.


For the ordinary folks and locals who wish to visit the Tg Aru Beach, they have to go through many “gates and premises” before they have the access to their favourite beaches, which itself is already with limited spaces that are free for them.  Accessibility to the Prince Philp park will be another concern.

Presently we have many hotels build in and around Kota Kinabalu City. Spare this last bit of the beach for the ordinary people of Sabah, with its’ natural beauty.

We have a number of golf clubs and golfing places in and around Kota Kiabalu. We don’t need another 5 star golf course in this TAED.

We urge the state government to bring the concept of such integrated beach front development to other parts of the State, such as Papar, Kota Belud, Sipitang and kudat. All these areas are blessed with beautiful beaches. This is to assist the local communities in their economy development. Provided employments for the local communities that such tourism related projects will bring to.

“A balance development projects in Sabah is what the people need. Do not focus only development in KK city only . Let us bring our tourists to other part of the state to enjoy their holidays. Give back to Sabahan what they are entitled to.  Tg Aru Beaches belong to the people”.

YB Christina Liew
ADUN Api Api