On behalf of PKR we extend our deepest sympathy and condolences to the families of the victims that were drown in a boat ride while holidaying in Sabah.

We urge the authority to treat this incident as a wake up call to make sure the implementation of safety features in all the tourists’ boats are always in place.

The tour operators must exercise prudent discretion when it comes bad weather safety is always first and to be the top priority for boat rides especially during bad weather and rough sea conditions.

We urge the State’s Minister of Tourism Datuk Masidi Manjun to investigate on how come vessel that can only take 12 but had 28 on board in this incident.

Where is the enforcement?

In Korea and japan the minister would resign with so many bad tourism incidents. Few months ago a boat with Chinese tourists also capsized in same area. All were floating at sea for 2 days.

How many more incidents does Sabah needs before some serious action to be taken to prevent such tragic incident happening again?

YB Christina Liew
Sabah PKR Chairperson