picture gold Trading Investment

A group of 35 investors headed by Edward Chong invested in the Gold discovery Investment Scheme, a Gold Trading Investment sometimes between 2011 to 2012. These 35 investors were among the hundreds who participated in this Gold trading investment Scheme in Sabah.  This Gold Trading Company is called Worldwide Far East Bhd (the Company)  and the CEO is Dato Noor Ismahanum Binti Hj Mohd Ismail of the Company, from KL.

These 35 investors later discovered that their investment in the Gold trading Company was very dubious and they demanded that the Company and the CEO of the company returned them their capital investment together with interest, as stipulated in the terms of their investment.

When their demand was not met and the CEO started to avoid meeting them, they engaged a lawyer Christina Liew,  of C J Liew & Co to act for them, on the demand of the return of their capital investment plus interest.

C J Liew & Co filed the writ of summons on 31st July 2012; naming the Company and the CEO as first and second Defendants in the suit.

On 7th March 2013 the investors/Plaintiffs obtained a judgment against the first and second Defendants (the Company and the CEO) for the sum of RM1,203,148.77 together with interest at the rate of 5% per annum from the date of judgment to the date of full payment, and the first and second Defendants are to jointly and severally  pay the all the plaintiffs’  cost in the sum of RM100,000.00.

The Judgment was served to both of the Defendants accordingly.

On 24th June 2013, the lawyer acting for the 35 Investors/Plaintiffs met with the officers from Bank Negara, to serve them a copy of the judgment from the court and to discuss, among others, the release of the judgment sum from the money seized by the Bank Negara on both of the Defendants’ accounts.

Subsequent meetings were held at various dates with the Bank Negara Officers. The investors/plaintiffs were told to wait as the Bank was pursuing the legal proceedings against the same Defendants.

Today all the media reported that on Friday, 11th December 2015, the Judicial Commissioner Gabriel Gumis  of the KK High Court  found the Company and the CEO guilty of money laundering and receiving deposits illegally from the public.

The news report prompted some of the 35 investors/plaintiffs to rush to their lawyers’ office, to discuss about the refund of their investment money based on the judgment they obtained on 7th march 2013;  a copy of the judgment was served to the Bank Negara officers as early as 24th June 2013.

Edward Chong, who was acting on behalf of all the 35 Investors cum plaintiffs, wanted their lawyer to pursue the matter with the relevant authorities in getting their money back.

“It has been a long wait and we are very glad the culprit is finally found guilty. We feel justices been served. We want to get back our money and move on with our life, the whole episode is a nightmare to us.” He said.