It is my case that the smallholders came to see me in 2005 with their grievances on the JVA. After hearing them out and did my due diligence, I decided to accept their appointment to act for them. Taking instructions and acting on their behalf.

I had in the past 10 years taken more than 10 class actions against relevant parties or authorities when there seemed to be injustices done. It was my professional duty to accept their briefs and instructions once I accepted their appointments. I had encountered difficulties acting as lawyer for clients on class actions before but this is the most challenging one above all.

The media report last SUNDAY was sensational but nonetheless it was a selective reporting on the Court’s decision. Without the benefits of the whole judgment. The publication has given rise to a real or perceived public bias against me in my professional as a lawyer and politician.

It amounts to damaging my credibility and integrity both as a lawyer and an elected representative of the people. However, despite this hardship, it will not deter me to continue working, representing and acting for the people.

I will continue to serve my constituency and other areas where necessary, to the best of my ability and serve the cause of justice for the poor, the vulnerable especially the poor community who cannot afford legal fees to seek justice in court.


YB Christina Liew
Adun Api Api