The PKR candidate N 15 Christina Liew calls on the parties not to be over zealous in their support of their political masters to the point of sabotaging and vandalizing her party flags, billboards and banners.

“Please stop vandalizing PKR posters, billboards and banners. This is too much dirty tactic. Hitting us blow belt will not help you to win. Let the people decide who they want to vote. Let us have a gentlemen competition.”

“I have suffered setbacks from day one in my campaign due to this despicable act of certain irresponsible persons. My flags are being snatched or vandalized to the point I have to re install them almost every night with the limited resources and manpower.

I received telephone calls and sms almost every day/night reporting to me whereabouts my campaign billboards and banners were destroyed. This is not healthy. Please stop it.”

There are 4,000 imported voters that have been transferred by a certain powerful politician over the past one year. The battle in Api Api constituency now is local voters verse imported voters. In the circumstances, I urge all the Api Api local voters please come out in full force on 5th May rain or shine; and focus your vote to the Parkatan Rakyat – PKR candidate Christina Liew to get rid of such dubious electoral practice once and for all. Every vote counts. Please do not split your votes.

If your votes are split, Api Api may get a representative (YB) that is elected by imported voters. It is a very tough uphill task for PKR candidate to fight this battle. We need all the voters to give us the mandate decisively for us to win and to represent you in the state assembly.

Please come out to vote early. The metrological department forcasted that there will be heavy rain in the afternoon on 5th May.

Please remove your finger nail polish if possible. (left index finger) before going to vote. When you collect your voting paper, please check the voting paper make sure it has no dots, lines or smeared with the indelible ink. You can always ask for another fresh voting paper if they are dirty already. Do not have spoil votes. Every vote counts in this election.

Please don’t touch the voting paper until the indelible ink in your index finger is dried before you touch the voting paper.

There are reports that some of the EC officers had forgotten to shake the ink bottle therefore the ink painted in the finger could be washed away. Please watch no one should be allowed to repeat voting.

I call on all the Api Api voters to come out in full force to vote decisively to the PKR candidate in Api Api in order to give us the mandate to change the government. It is time to change the old rotten system to a clean and transparent system through this election, which itself is tinted with questionable irregularity.


1. Christina Liew for (N15 Api Api)