“The PM was in Sabah last week. He hinted strongly that the election will be held soon. He was confident that Sabah remains strong hold for BN. He left with a happy heart.

“I call on all the PKR members to get ready for the election to be held any time now. This is the life or death election for both the BN and PR. For BN 55 years of no change of government, for PR it’s now or never.

There won’t be another Anwar, Lim Kit Siang and Hadi Awang to unify all the Malaysian; in order to change the present system that has been deeply rooted for 55 years to a clean, transparent, accountable and responsible PR government.

Everywhere in Sabah we can hear people saying “enough is enough. It’s time for change. Ini kali lah”.

Sabah is rich in resource but we are shameful that we are stricken with poverty. We are burdened with PTI, poverty and lack of development since independence. Are we better off now than last election, or even when we were pre-independence?

That is the question every Sabahan voter must ask themself before they cast their vote on voting day.

If the voters want to change the present system it shall be done in the coming election (13th General Election). If people does not make it happen, and PR unable to change the present system because we do not have enough support from the voters, then we can only blame ourselves in future for any mishaps.

Even with the support of the people now, (tempered with the possibility of dubious registered voters), we still need as high as 80% of the voters to vote for us (PR) in order to win each seat.

Let’s be united, work hard and inform each voter that this coming election is the golden opportunity for change to happen in the Malaysia political arena.” said Christina in her keynote address in the 2012 AGM.

Later in the AGM, only one resolution was debated and passed.

“To call on the government to appoint officially the panel of members for the RCI with their terms of references; and for them to commence the investigation immediately and to submit their findings before the next election.”

Report by Secretary of PKR KK Division.