We are shock but not surprised with Dr. Max Ongkili’s statement today. He said 13th election can be held without the finding of the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) on Illegal Immigrants. Then what’s the point of appointing the RCI at the eve of election?

Is this another “wayang kulit” to pacify the people of Sabah?

We want the government to get to the root of the evil deeds in the issuance of Mykad or citizenships to foreigners making them instant voters of Sabah. We have enough of this kind of nonsenses.

The government is not sincere in RCI’s finding and to clean up the electro rolls. Is Dr. Max is now the mouth piece for the government not to proceed with the RCI findings until after election?

As the MP from Sabah, he should be pursuing diligently the functions of RCI and to resolve this long standing problem troubling the people of Sabah for decades instead of prolonging it further.

The people wants the elector rolls to be clean up and remove names registered through dubious ways before we go election and not the other way round as suggested by Dr. Max that is to have election first then RCI finding so that we are using a tinted electro rolls then.

Is Dr. Max for us Sabah or for the PTI (Illegals)?