Once again, the BN leaders give empty promises. The Prime Minister did not announce the setting up of RCI on the PTI problems that had been troubling Sabah for decades.

It is a glaring example that Fed government is not serious in resolving the problem. The inquiry lead by Max Ongkili is only waste of time and misleading the Sabahan that the BN is now doing something about it.

Even Max Ongkili, VK Liew and Tan Sri Bernard Dompok predicted in the media the PM would announce the setup of RCI when he visits Sabah.
It is crystal clear now Fed government does not intend to set up the RCI. They are not interested to do so.

They only interest is that Sabah remains the fixed deposit of UMNO-BN through whatever means; by hook or by crook, it is not the interest of the Sabah people and Sabah state as a whole they care about.

It is obvious that the Sabah BN component party leaders have no power in the BN government; they are unable to influence or persuade the UMNO leaders in protecting the rights and interest of Sabahan and the state.

I challenge all the Sabah BN component party leaders to be united in the issue of setting up of the RCI or they resign en bloc to show the Fed government that they are serious to look after the interest of people of Sabah.

It is not how much money they pour into Sabah projects. Who benefits from these billion projects anyway, only the well-connected and cronies. The ordinary folks struggling with the escalating high cost of living only

Christina Liew
PKR Chairperson Kota Kinabalu Division