We are surprised at the AG statement today. If the AG is correct in interpreting the law, then this is the effect: a native who is living on his land after his grandfather had lived on the land since 1930 will still not have acquired NCR on the land despite having lived on the land for the last 77 years.

Common sense tells me this cannot be right and cannot be justice. This issue should have been resolved in the courts and not in the papers. What has been done is to hurt the feelings of the natives and cause uncertainty to their NCR.

It seems our Sabah natives’ rights are being treated with no respect in the name of law. Natives should show their disgust on such contempt on their NCR rights. What happened to Aussie Prime Minister Julia Gillard is a glaring case. She was attacked by native group at a restaurant.

For having No respect for NCR! Authority should not just dismiss the Natives sacred rights like a piece of old furniture! The natives in Sabah should be united to protest this kind of treatment by the authority.

Christina Liew
PKR Chairperson Kota Kinabalu Division


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