22nd November 2011: Press statement to answer Johnny Mositun

Datuk Johnny Mositun should not be jumpy when I said this is an election budget. It is a historical budget as never before the State presented a budget with such huge sum.

We commented on the allocation to the schools and the religious groups for “generous” allocation in the 2012 budget. However, instead of on a piece meal basis, we hope the government will fix the allocations to the schools and religious group with an increment of 5 – 10 % annually.

We welcome the huge sum of allocation on the infrastructures development of RM1.285 Billion. Our concern is on the implementation of the projects with such a huge sum of money. We want the government to be transparent and be accountable for the money spent on the construction of the infrastructure projects.

It does not take an economist to understand that if the government spends a dollar and getting a 50 cents or less of quality of work in return, something is not right along the process.

The Chief Minister is the custodian of Sabah’s wealth. He has the duty to look after the interest of Sabah and the people at large. The size of the budget is not the main issue; it is the implementation of the projects that we are concerned about. Past record on failed projects speaks volume too.

19 November 2011

The budget is an election budget. The way it goes, we should have election every year to get such ”generous” budget. We welcome the allocations that benefit the religious group and schools. It is a sweetener before the election.

However, we are concerned with the implementation of some sectors whereby huge allocations are given.

We urge the authority to put in place strictly the standard in supervising the construction of the infrastructure sector such as roads, sewage treatment and others.

These projects must be implemented with transparency and accountability.

We have records in the past whereby the government spent multi millions but the projects failed to meet the target or failed to deliver.

Yet no party seems to be accountable for these failed projects when millions had spent on them.

It is time we stop the mentality of 1st class budget with 3rd class work. Stop wasting the people’s money.

Other than the government servants, financial assistance should be given directly to the lower income group, especially the hard core poor, the less fortunate, the senior citizens who need these financial assistance in view of the escalating cost of living nowadays.

They are the hardest hit group yet not entitled to receive the half month bonus because they are not government servants.

Government needs to supervise the implementation of projects by the YBs in their use of their special funds of RM500 thousand in addition to the RM1 million.

There must not be wastage of tax payers’ money. Every cent spent must be accounted for.

Christina Liew
PKR Kota Kinabalu Division


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