4 November 2011

I am surprised at Raymond Tan’s respond to my query why his ministry or department did not erect the warning signs at 100m intervals that would light up whenever the train is approaching and that the auto gate would come down and close the crossing. He made the pledged during my courtesy call to him five years ago after an earlier accident related to collision of train.

Stop finger pointing. Take responsibility of your failure. What is promised, must follow-up. The pledge was made five years ago, a long time for the relevant authorities to implement. The minister named so many departments, both Federal and State; that are supposed to be responsible for the near fatal train accident last week. The people are confused. We want to know exactly who is in charge of the state railway and to implement the safety measure of the railway stations to avoid future mishaps happening again.

I was not blaming the Minister, but I merely reminded him that if he had follow-up his pledges at the material time, we could have avoided the accident last week. We are lucky no life taken in this particular accident, but we do not want to see another similar accident in future. We may not be so lucky next time around.

Christina Liew
Chairperson PKR Kota Kinabalu Division

PKR KK division extends its greatest regret on the tragic incident whereby it could have been avoided
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