1st November 2011

PKR KK division extends its greatest regret on the tragic incident whereby the rain collided with an oil tanker near Petagas at 5.30 p.m. affected some 100 passengers who had to jump from the train and 8 other women passengers that were injured seriously.

photo courtesy from Walter Juming

“This incident could have been avoided. We had urged the then Minister of Infrastructure Development Datuk Raymond Tan in a courtesy call to him on 11th October 2006, to erect warning lights and auto gates at all the 20 crossing point some 100 m from each of the railway crossings, and these warning lights should light up whenever a train is approaching and the auto gate would come down and close the crossing.

She said the Minister has the right to instruct, supervise and terminate the service of the four concessionaires that were given the contract to maintain roads in Sabah.”

Photo courtesy from Berapa Ramai Sabahan Facebooker Page

During the said courtesy call, the Minister Datuk Raymond Tan pledged to erect warning light and auto gates at all the 20 rail crossings during the said courtesy call by Christina Liew.

I call on the authority once again, to adhere to the pledge by the Ministry of Infrastructure Development, to erect warning lights and auto gates at each of the 20 crossing points. This is to ensure no such accident will happen again. We are lucky no death in this particular accident, we may not be so lucky if it happens again.”

Christina Liew
Chairperson of PKR Kota Kinabalu Division