2 October 2011

We just celebrate the 46th year of Malaysia day. Sabahan should reflect how we fared since independent and formed Malaysia together with Sarawak and Malaya 48 years ago.

The report by federal Malaysia government population & housing board shows Sabah has increment of population the last 10 years by a big jump, by 44.7%, in 2010 we had 610,000 foreigners living in Sabah, 10 years later, the number increased to. 890,000.

In other words, Sabah population of 3.3 million, 27.7% of population in Sabah are foreigners. 1 Out of 4 is a foreigner. This is official record. We don’t know the actual figure. I suspect may be much higher.

These sudden jumps of increment of foreigners bring social ills directly or indirectly such as diseases, increment of crimes for example the Manggatal murder incident.

At the same time brain drain is all time high. Malaysian qualified citizens are migrating to other countries. Singapore alone has more than a million of Malaysians who work and live there. The Brian drain is across the board, Malay, Chinese, Indian and others.

The government should ask why? I know of an overseas university graduate, she is qualified as an environmental scientist, but with no job and now teach in a school in Tunggud, Lahad Datu. The only reason she stays back because of wanting to taking care of her parents.

Last Friday, as the Deputy Home Minister Dato Lee Chee Leong came to Sabah and told the Sabahan that is no such thing as project IC which was supposedly started by UMNO – task force. He said it was only an allegation by the opposition.

It’s either he is ignorant of the fact or he must think the Sabahan are deaf and blind. Who doesn’t know about this project IC issue in Sabah. I challenge the other BN component party leaders to answer him, that there is no such project IC issued to 600,000 foreigners in 2005 through falsified statutory declaration, and given the right to vote immediately. Please refer to book written by Mutalib M.D titled “IC Projek Agenda Tersembunyi Mahathir?”.

Even more ridiculous, he called on the opposition to provide proof of the allegation. The onus of proof lies with them because they are the Government of the day. They have the duty to explain why the sudden jump over the last 10 years of foreigners in Sabah to 44.7%. Why we have 1 out 4 foreigners roaming the streets of Sabahan now.

While other genuine applicants who had stayed in Sabah for years and their applications are still “under process”. Once in a while you see a few getting approval and the BN YB making a big who has.

The non UMNO BN component parties have been calling the fed government to set up a special task force to tackle the PTI issue and all fallen to deaf ears. So what are they going to do about it? What can they do instead of nothing? PR in its Buku Jingga said it clearly. It will take action to tackle this PTI issue as we view it as a serious matter.

The advertised sale of the 3 islands in the internet is shocking that were Pulau Mengalum, Pulau Montukod and Pulau Pandanan . How did the owners get these 3 islands? When the land office did approve the alienation to these companies?

The government has the duty to explain to the people. They are assets belonging to the people. The government must put a stop immediately to the sale of these 3 island pending investigation. We call on the land office to be transparent in their investigation and to announce the result of their finding.

It is an undisputed fact that the poverty rate in Sabah is still the top of the list in Malaysia. We’re an oil producing state. What happened to the 95% of the oil money the fed government took from our resources? Petronas is only reporting to the Prime Minister of Malaysia alone and not even to parliament. This is the country’s asset and how it can be only the PM alone knows how the money was used?

We want democracy, fairness, stability, accountability, justice and roof over our head, employment to feed our families, security on the streets, a practical and good education system and hospitals filled with qualified medical staffs to meet our medical needs.

Is the BN government meeting your need? The answer lies with you and you can do your part as voters by telling your friends, family members how to vote in the next General Election. Vote for change, for the better, for the future and for the sake Sabah.

Christina Liew
Deputy of PKR Sabah
Head of Kota Kinabalu Division