As we celebrate the Malaysia day on 16 September, we remember this is our 48th Malaysia day and not 54th as claimed by some quarters. Malaysia was formed on 16 September 1963. The younger generation must be educated on the significant of the correct date. There should not be any dispute on this date. There was no Malaysia before 16th September 1963.

On this happy occasion, we reflect on the past 47th years and we look forward toward our country’s future with the wish that our Federal government will do:-

1. Decentralize the Federate system to the Sabah State governments in the areas of Education, medical, welfare, immigration and agriculture; as only Sabahan know the situation, the needs and requirement in Sabah; even in the event Sabahan are appointed in some of the departments, they should be allowed to perform their duties and do the right things without too much interference from the federal. Their objective is to do the right things without fear or favor in their service to the people;

2. To improve the country’s security system. Malaysian are living in fear now due to the increased crimes on the streets and break-ins to the houses. There is no more safe place to live in now;

3. To provide equal employment, economy and business opportunities for the people at large;

4. To cut down on waste in public funds by creating mega projects (white elephants),

5. To implement a more effective system of supervision of work on the public building, roads, public utilities drainage and streets lamp;

6. To set up special commission urgent on basis to investigate and to resolve the PTI problem that Sabah has been troubled and burdened for years;

7. To have a fair election conducted by SPR without fear and favor.

8. To take drastical action and measurer to reduce the poverty rate in Sabah as many of the Sabahan are living below the extreme poverty line since independence. They live in chicken hut like shatters they called homes, walk on muddy roads that were in the same conditions before independence.

It is our wish that our Country will move forward with the people’s welfare and interest at heart.

On behalf of PKR KK division, I wish all a Happy Malaysia day

Christina Liew
Chairman, PKR Kota Kinabalu Division