Update: 13 August 2011


3 August 2011

The Society of Hope welcomes the attention and action given by the local YB of Kota Marudu to the widow Annie, who was living in a chicken hut like house with her 2 kids, is getting a new house.

Initially we intended to build a 2 bed room house for her immediately, but the Jawatankuasa Kebajikan dan Kemajuan Kampung refused to let us build on the same place where her chicken hut was located. He claims that the land belongs to him. We had to look for an alternative site in order to build the new house.

Our director Roman Lo went to Kota Marudu three times to co-ordinate the land issue. Finally, the Kota Marudu council announced they will be the one to build with donations from public. Annie will be having a new house soon. We congratulate Annie for the speedy action by the local authority, the Majlis Daerah.

We urge the government to continue addressing the hard core poor and high rate of poverty in Sabah especially in Kota Marudu. Don’t wait till the case gets the attention of the media before relief and remedial action comes.

It is the duty and responsible of the government of the day to eradicate the ajar poor and reduce poverty rate in Sabah.

Christina Liew.
Society of Hope Kota Kinabalu .


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