20th July 2011

The Society of Hope supports the call by the minister Datuk Masidi Manjun that the Federal Government should let the Sabah State government takes charge of its own Education development as only the Sabahan knows best how to deal with the local conditions when it comes to educating our local children and youths.

“It has always been our position that there are two (2) areas the Federal government should consider letting the Sabah state government take charge.

First, the Education Department

Malaya is so far away, the big guns from Malaya don’t fully understand our local conditions, the needs, requirement of the people on the ground, say in Pitas, Pensiangan, and other remote areas which even the West Malaysian teachers find it difficult to adapt to the conditions.

If the State government is in charge of these two departments, they will be in a better position to assess the special needs in each area accordingly and dispatch the right teachers to the right places.

Second, the Health Department

Due to the doctors, nurses, medical personnel shortage in the government hospitals and clinics in Sabah, the Sabah Government should take charge the medical development and services to best serve the local patients that require the medical services, attention and needs.

Not too long ago, the health department announced the freeze of teaching medical studies in Malaysia University. This is really puzzling to the people. We in Sabah have hospital without beds or qualified medical personnel to serve the patients.

We have the hardware, mega size hospitals out of nowhere in a remote village (kampung) but with no beds, no doctors and nurses. Blatant shortage of medical professionals in the hospitals all over Sabah, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital is jammed with patients every day, and yet the Federal government’s policy to freeze the intake of medical students due to too many supply of doctors in Malaysia.

Perhaps the big guns from Health department should visit some of the village (kampong) in Sabah to understand what it means by shortage of qualified medical personnel and why we should let Sabah government take care of our own medical needs and requirement. It is time we Sabah Government do something for its own people. After all, only we know what the people need in Sabah.

Christina Liew
President Society of Hope Kota Kinabalu


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