Update: 20 July 2011 – PRESS STATEMENT

The Taiwanese investor Lin Yun Chun is concerned with a report in Daily Express dated 18th July 2011 that a MyKad was issued in his name. A police report was lodged yesterday (19th July 2011) by his Power of Attorney holder Chia Chiew Pui seeking the assistance of the police to investigate on how the MyKad was issued in his name.

“This latest twist (that I own a MyKad) is in addition to the multiple falsifications of documents by some wrong doers leading to the wrong issuance of copy of my title deeds which saw the exchange of hands of my properties” says Lin Yun Chun.

“I have never applied to be JPN for the MyKad. I do not read English and Bahasa Malaysia. I do not know how the MyKad was issued in my name, with different birth dates from my passport. I purchased all my properties in Sabah using my Taiwan passports. I urge the police and the relevant authority to investigate how and when the MyKad was issued in my name.

I have always travelled to Sabah with my Taiwanese Passport. My stay in Sabah was either with tourist visa or business visa. The last time I travelled to Sabah in year 2000, I was on tourist then granted business visa. When my visa expired sometime in July 2000, the relevant authorities such as the Industrial & development department and the JKM recommended to the Sabah Immigration to extend a one year business visa to me as an investor.

After July 2000 I fell ill and never returned to Sabah till August 2009. When I returned, I was shocked that my properties had changed to third parties by way of falsified documentations. I am still holding all the Original title deeds to these properties. How could I be selling my properties without surrendering my Original Titles to the lawyer preparing the Sale & Purchase Agreement?

The allegation that I received RM800, 000.00 for the sale of my house in Tanjung Aru and or other properties via the Power of Attorney given by me was baseless and wrongful. I have never appointed anyone to sell my horse or properties using Power of Attorney.

The falsified documents such as Power of Attorney (PA) and Sale and Purchase agreements purportedly signed by me in front of certain lawyer was done at the time when I was ill and was not present in Sabah. I have never met the said lawyer who purportedly prepared the PA and the Sale and purchase agreements, I have the Medical and immigration reports from Taiwan authorities to prove I never left Taiwan during the times when the properties purported change hands. I lodged 2 police reports on 14th August and 27th 2009 as soon as I was able to travel to Sabah; on the wrongful transfer of my properties based on falsified documents and wrongful issuance of titles.

I will leave it to my lawyer as we have already commenced legal action against the wrong doers last month.

Chia Chiew Pui On behalf of Lin Yun Chun


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Update: PRESS STATEMENT (16 Jun 2011)

As Lin Ying Chun’s appointed lawyer, I welcome the Press Statement made by the Director of Land Department Datuk Osman Jamal. I will file and service the summons today to the parties concerned on the land grabs by certain person through the wrongful or illegal way.

My client (the Taiwanese investor) is hopeful that justice will prevail in his case and he will get back all his lands and property that were transferred away to third party wrongfully, or illegally and or fraudulently without his knowledge and consent. I will boost confidence of foreign investors in Sabah.

Land issues is one of the important issue our government must have a clear policy and enforcement must be in place to ensure interest of investors are protected. Big investors investing in Sabah creates employment opportunity to our locals. It helps government to achieve its target on the economy developments in real sense, not paper figures only.

Christina Liew
16th June 2011



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