7th July 2011

The President, Christina Liew and its director Roman Lo of the Society of Hope Kota Kinabalu announced this morning at the opening of the 3S Cafe located at the Taman HIll Top; that all incomes derived from the business of the 3S Cafe, (after expense), shall be donated to the Society of Hope Kota Kinabalu to fund its charitable activities.

Further, the cafe will be serving daily, buffet-style breakfast for senior citizens aged 60 and above. They are welcome to come for breakfast between 8.00am to 10.00am, at the minimum cost of RM2.00 per person. However, it is not compulsory to pay the RM2.00. Citizens who can’t afford to pay are still welcome to the Cafe for a free meal of breakfast and meet up with their counter parts during the service of the breakfast time.

There is no restriction on number of persons, race, back ground or even political affiliation. With the escalating high cost of living nowadays, it is hope that the Cafe will provide a place for our senior citizens to enjoy their breakfast and to socialize with their friends at an affordable price.

The Society of Hope emulates the idea of providing breakfast for the senior citizens at such minimum cost from the Kitchen Soup Kuala Lumpur. It is hope that eventually the Cafe will be able to finance the breakfast free of charge like the Kitchen Soup in Kuala Lumpur.