Updates – 8.29 pm: They are bailed out. Released on condition. Report to police on 9 july. Sorry for late reply. Phone ran out of battery.

Updates – 6.01 pm: The 7 still being detained for questioning. They were brought to the police station since 10.40am this morning.



This morning at 10.40 am, 7 Pakatan Rakyat youth having breakfast at a Kedai Kopi in Asia City, 60 to 70 police came and arrested them. Out of 7, 3 wore yellow sport t shirt, 1 wore bersih tee shirt, remaining 3 wore normal shirt (baju biasa).

It was not a ceramah, procession and just a friendly meal among friends. It is a blatant abuse of power, total violation of human right and an act of intimidation by the authority to say the least.

I was called to Karamunsing police station where they were taken too. Police are taking their statement now and I’m puzzled why.

Christina Liew
Deputy of PKR Sabah.
Chairperson of Kota Kinabalu Cabang.


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