UPDATE: Single parent family with three young kids living in such a deplorable condition


“We are shocked to read the report of how a single parent family with three young kids living in such a deplorable condition in Kg. Kandawayon Matuggong, Kota Marudu.

What happened to the eradication of poverty program which the Federal government had purportedly allocated millions to Sabah? The figures released by the Sabah State government just months ago; that the poverty rate has reduced simply does not tally with the actual real life situation.

On the ground, life for the ordinary folks remains the same. Poverty has become a norm rather than an exception. Abject poverty brings negative consequences. Education has become the leaser priority for them. Poor dietary for the children, Child marriage for the young girls and youth seeking jobs in the big cities like Kuala Lumpur and Singapore to name a few.

It is the government’s duty to put in place economy plans as long term plan for the poor villages so that they can survive. For short term plan, the YB concerned should take full responsibility to see that aids from welfare department are making available to these poor families. I urge the YB and authorities concerned not selective when giving welfare assistance as poverty has no boundaries.

PKR KK division will mobilize our NGO arm the Society of Hope immediately to organize a fund raising event for this family, we will collect donation both food and or cash for this family.

Any public who wish to donate clothing or any food items please call “088 247452″ or deposit into the account of Society of Hope Kota Kinabalu; Alliance Bank Account number “101960010034339”. Please fax your deposit slip to us if you have deposited into the account. Any amount is welcome.

Christina Liew
Chairman PKR KK Division  Cum
President Society of Hope Kota Kinabalu

Roman Lo
Director Society of Hope Kota Kinabalu


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