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The Society of Hope, the charitable arm of Parti Keadilan Rakyat Kota Kinabalu division lead by the chairman of the PKR KK division and the director of the society of hope Roman Lo together with some of their members visited the widow of the victim Puan Jari Wong, whose husband was shot dead by the Pilipino who robbed the gold smith in Inanam two weekends ago.

The society presented the widow and her family a RM3,000.00 cheque and called on the public to render their kind assistance to the poor widow and her three young children aged 11, 8 & 5 years old only. Public are asked to deposit the money into the account of the “The society of the hope Kota Kinabalu” Alliance Bank Sinsuran branch with the account number 101960010034339.

“We call on the police to intensify their efforts to nail the culprit as soon as possible. It was so unfair to the family who lost a husband and a father innocently. In this respect, we support the Foreign minister, Datuk Anifa’s comment that it does not help the situation to set up a Philippines consulate in Lawas, Sarawak”

“How is the Philippines consulate helping its national living in Sabah when they set up their consulate in Lawas across the board? There are hundreds of thousands of them living in Sabah now. It is more realistic to set up the consulate in Sabah to look after their welfare and to manage the affairs of their national living in Sabah. Besides, there are hardly any of them (Filipina) living in Sarawak especially in Lawas? What is the rational to set up the consulate there?”

Christina Liew asked the foreign minister Dato Anifah Aman to follow up with the relevant authority in Philippine to set up the consulate in Sabah as soon as possible.


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