We are shocked on the latest incident in which a Filipino shot dead a family breadwinner. Sabah is not safe anymore like before. This could be due to the larger influx of PTI who are here either seeking for greener pasture or for other purpose best known to themselves.

As such, we Call on the two countries, Philippine and Malaysia, to set up a Philippine consulate in Sabah as soon as possible, to regularize and legalize the Filipina national who r already residing in Sabah now. Just like the Indonesia consulates in both Kota Kinabalu and Tawau. It is for the mutual interest of both nations so that their presence & their interest are better managed since they are such large numbers of these Filipinos who living in Sabah now, both legally and illegally.

2. We call on the Police to step up the security measures to protect our state and property and life. The security of our state has reached to a dangerous level already with many unresolved murders in the past already. Man carrying firearm roaming in Kota Kinabalu city robbing and killing is unheard of in Sabah.

3. The relevant body to stop the issuance of project ICs to people claimed to be sabahan. When they are in possession of these project ICs, it will able them to enjoying the privileges of natives than only for our real natives.

To The victim’s Family, we extend our heartfelt sympathy and hope the police will catch the culprit soon so justice is done.

Christina Liew
PKR Supreme Council cum
Kota Kinabalu Cabang Chairman

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