DAP (Democratic Action Party) has won 12 of the 15 Chinese seats as anticipated. These are hot seats. The urban voters understand fully the importance and the need to change leaders who have been in power too long and became stagnant, weak and lost their voice. They want YBs to act as check and balance of the government.


Unfortunately many of our PKR (Parti Keadilan Rakyat) campaigners were blocked from entering to the natives’ long houses during the campaign time. Nevertheless, PR (Pakatan Rakyat) won 15 seats, double the number in 2006. It is a sure sign Sarawakian are starting to think of “change” unlike before. I believe in the coming MP elect, they will create tsunami and BN (Barisan Nasional) will lose their Fixed Deposit

To the natives, poverty is a “perkara biasa” or a normal thing. A pathetic situation but it’s no surprise. The BN will not share their wealth with the natives. They (BN) have to be the holder of the Fixed Deposits of Sarawak & Sabah. Time our people learn to be our own masters. The wealth belongs to our people. It should stay as so.

Almost all natives’ seats went to BN other than candidate of Ba’kelalan, YB Baru Bian, a PKR chairman of Sarawak. He is the native lawyer who fought relentlessly for the natives in the NCR issues. After 46 years of independence, the natives are still lagging behind with basic infrastructure development in their kampung. The problem of NCR titles etc.


Based on the result of Sarawak elect, Sabahan must be brave, courage and united to vote against BN leaders who stayed in power too long, they became weak & downgraded themselves to yes men to their “bosses” already. They lost sight of vision for the future of our state and sabahan. Absolute power breeds absolute corruption.

Presently Sabah has one PR (Pakatan Rakyat) YB in state assembly only. Not enough voice to act as check & balance on the powerful BN government. We need to vote more PR candidates into the state assembly to voice for the people. Only credible leaders should be voted into assembly. No such thing as ‘life serving ministers’. The people will vote you out in the next elect like what happened in Sarawak.