Update 05/03/2011: Kota Kinabalu PKR Courtesy Call to KK New Mayor Datuk Datuk Abidin Madingkir

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1. To implement the blue print on the Kota Kinabalu Town Planning Scheme at a set time frame (set a specific time); especially on the flood prone areas such as Luyang, Inanam, Menggatal and Penampang, as each heavy down pour causes damage of properties and inconvenience to the people living in these areas.

2. The landslides that happened in Likas (Taman Chanya Villa) and or other some areas to be looked into seriously. Authorities must resolve the problems before any untoward incident happens;

3. The hill cutting procedures to be within the set guidelines by the authorities and to be strictly observed by the authorities;

4. To refrain from approving future development plans on high risk areas; such as hilly areas unless certain safety guidelines are in place.

5. To increase the frequency of the public transportation within KK city to ease the traffic jam and congestion during certain time. Unless an effective public transport is in place, people have no choice but to drive into the city and cause traffic jam. It also lessens the burden of the people as fuel and gasoline are sky rocking nowadays.

6. To urgently review and make remedy on the Kepayan low cost apartments defects and to make good the roads leading to the apartments. These residents had lived there for 25 years till today, they still don’t have the sub titles, the management committee to look after their buildings and the buildings and roads and other amenities are in depilated conditions.

7. Pursuant to clause 6, I will present on the defects and recommendation of remedies for the authorities to take further action

Memorandum to the Mayor is prepared by PKR Sabah