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The residents of Kepayan Ridge low cost housing block B are faced with another problem arising from the frequent down pour of rains. Many of the muddy roads inside the housing are now potholes filled with rain water.

School children have to walk to the main road to wait for their school bus and elderly citizens find difficulty in walking around the areas due to the bad condition of the roads.

Peggy, a resident from the area showed Christina areas in Block B which are most hard hit. Muddy roads filled with rain water have virtually turned into ‘swampy road’.

Peggy lamented no action by relevant authority in spite of her repeated calls to them. She worries that the conditions of the roads would be worsening if the rain continues.

“How are we going to get out or into our apartments during Chinese New Year when we go visiting our relatives? Even my car’s tires are half buried whenever I drive across the roads now”.

Peggy said she had taken initiative to fill the potholes using the debris left behind by the nearby contractor. “I have no choice but to take action to help myself so that I am able to use the road in a reasonable conditions but I can’t afford to repair the road with so many pot holes filled with rain water” said Peggy.

“This is unacceptable. I urge the YB and the relevant authority to “turun padang” to inspect the road conditions yourself and do something about it before Chinese New Year. Serve the “rakyat” with the million dollar YB fund that the CM allocated to each of you. Don’t be selective in your service.

They may be living in low cost housing but they are the people that put you in power. Poverty knows no boundary. Residents of Kepayan Ridge low cost housing needs your help to repair their roads before Chinese new year so please do it”, says Christina.

“If the BN leaders are unwilling to assist, PKR, though opposition, will donate crush stones (prior to Chinese New Year) to fill the potholes as a temporary measure so that the residents are able to have easy access from their apartments during Chinese New Year” assured Christina.