10 January 2011

I am surprised at the “bullshit report” respond by the Inanam YB Datuk Johnny Goh on Daily Express the New Straits Times report about young children from Kg Bongkud, Menggatal having to walk for 8 kilometers to school SK Tombongon, which located within the perimeters of the Kota Kinbalu city.

Instead of looking into the plight highlighted, his reply of “bullshit report” is out right rude and totally unbecoming from a sitting YB.

How on earth we have a “Wakil Rakyat” who is so arrogant, rude and can’t take comment in order to improve the predicament of the people?

Would he “bullshit” the said report if his children were to walk 8 kilometers to school rain or shine?

Whether the deep steep jungle track has been reduced to 2 kilometers or not is immaterial. Since on top of the purported 2 kilometers of deep steep jungle tracks, these children still have to walk on a part sealed, part gravel and part dirt road plus crossing 3 hanging bridges in order to get to school.

What happens on raining days? Gravel roads, dirt roads, deep steep jungle track and hanging bridges will be dangerous for these young children to walk on to go to school.

Thank goodness Sabah is now is the ‘ fixed deposit’ of the Fed Government and that the speculation of the next election this year is in the air. Perhaps with this, the fed funds to build tar roads leading to this Kg Bongkud, Menggatal will finally arrive, after 47 of independence.

Christina Liew
PKR Sabah Kota Kinabalu Cabang

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Photo from Datu Ruslan Sulai (NST)