It was shocking to read the news that young children have to walk for 8 kilometer to go to school in Menggatal. They have to get up as early as 5.00am in order to start their journey to school. It is unbelievable these young children have to walk such distance each way just to go to school.

Menggatal is located outskirt of Kota Kinabalu and it takes only 30 to 40 minutes’ drive from the capital city. Yet the signs of poverty are so obvious among the residents there. There is no public transport servicing the school children there and the families cannot afford to pay for their transportation fees to school.

I urge the YB of the constitutions of Kg Menggatal to visit the school and to do something for these young children who have to walk for miles just to attend school. I called on the education department to arrange some kind of transportation to pick up and send these poor children to and from school and proved nutritious lunch to these poor children.

Poverty is still rampantly high among our people. The government’s clam that poverty rate in Sabah had dropped due to the effort of the government is just a propaganda, a make believe talk by the government to the people. Sabah has been independent for 47 years, the Sabah people are still living below poverty level. It is an undisputed fact that Sabah is the poorest state in Malaysia.

It is a shame to read from the newspaper some NGO from foreign countries expressed shock on the level of poverty our people are living under when they visited Sabah. More shameful when they return to Sabah and help these poor people. Their assistance consisted of building of pipe for clean waters, construction of living quarters and roads in the kampung. These are basic amenities and infrastructure that are supposed to be build by the government but left undone last 47 years.

The government should do walk the talk and not vice versa. Go “turun padang” and visit these kampungs and families. Understand their pathetic living conditions and give adequate assistance according to their situation. Cut away the mega project that benefits only the selected few and help the poor and needy instead.

If they are unable to perform their duty, the Rakyat should vote them out and vote an alternative government Pakatan Rakyat government in the next election.

Christina Liew
Chairperson, PKR Sabah
Kota Kinabalu Division

7 January 201

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