I share Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan’s vision and dream to return Sabah what rightly belongs to Sabah under the Malaysia agreement when Sabah & Sarawak together with Semenanjung formed Malaysia in 1963.

After 47 years of independence, Sabahan are not getting the bargain they are supposed to get under the Malaysia agreement. Development are lacking, roads in the interior remains the same as pre-independent, people are getting poorer, our youth are jobless, they have to go to Kuala Lumpur or Singapore to look for jobs, ended up in the streets, too ashamed to come home.

Sabah is rich in natural resources, we have oil, gas, gold, copper, oil palm, but why are people so poor? A trip to the interior such as pitas, Kota Marudu, Ranau, Pensiangan and others is enough to see the pathetic condition of our kampung. It is due to mismanagement and greed of top leadership that caused the people to suffer. Sabah is the richest resource state but the poorest in Malaysia. While Kuala Lumpur has Twin Towers, highways, we have muddy road and hanging bridges that need our school children to walk for miles to go to school.

It is now or never the people have to think seriously about an alternative government. The fate of our future and our children’s future is in the hand of our voters. We can’t depend on the BN government to help us anymore. They have 47 years and past record showed they are not interested to take care of us. We have enough of the BN government.

The international corruption index in Malaysia is sliding down while crime rate, price of consumer items are sky rocking. Increments of oil, fuel, sugar, flour are causing high inflation on basic amenities. The poor can barely feed their families now. We are worse than ever. The policies are not “rakyat” friendly. The one Malaysia remains the slogan. Favoritism, nepotism, corruption and abuse of power are business as usual for the BN government.

While I share Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan’s vision, I have yet to see how he would translate his vision into reality. It is a reality that you must contest in an election, and win seats in order to be relevant in the struggle of changing Sabahan’s fate. No matter what he does, if it is for the interest of Sabah, I wish him well.

As for me, I remain loyal to the president of PKR and will stay in PKR to continue my struggle.

PKR has just concluded its Party election; the HQ will be announcing the chairperson of each state liaising committee soon. I think once that is carried out, and then the party would look into this and it is the matter of to me. We want to cooperate among the opposition parties, to contest on a one to one basis against BN. The people must be with us in our struggle.