The compulsory health insurance for maids and plantation workers which cost RM120.00 per head annually effective 1st January next year means additional financial burden to the employers. It is like penalizing the employers whenever the government imposes new policy with regard to foreign workers.

RM120.00 is way too costly if it’s a government controlled group health plan policy for foreign workers, surely the premium will not be as high as RM120.00 per worker. We are talking about hundreds of thousands of employees especially in the plantation sector in Sabah and Sarawak. Does the insurance policy cover treatment by private doctors?

The government must put in place an effective and transparent billing system by the insurance company to avoid abuse of the payment on the health insurance policy for the foreign workers. Don’t cheat another ‘agency’ or ‘policy’ that has potential of abuse of power or corruption. The employers have the right to know where their money is going.

Christina Liew.
Deputy chairperson
Chairman of KK cabang,
PKR Sabah.