I am a true Malaysian Sabahan and I contested in the State and parliamentary election in 2008. The Malaysian law will not allow a non-citizen to contest in any of the general election. What is he talking about?

There is such thing as a sore loser and a sore loser he is, the unwarranted attack on me by my ex competitor (KK Cabang election 2010) Ronnie Klassen is getting more ridiculous. He is accusing me that I am a Permanent Resident of Malaysia, originating from Indonesia. Anyone has any suggestion what should be the appropriate action on my part with this type of sore loser?

It will be interesting to see the result of his attack on me. It is meant to influence the PKR members to vote him into the MPP election and to vote against me as both of us are contesting in the ongoing MPP election.

I like to hear your view as I will not answer to his rubbish, trying to cover the lost he suffered in the KK cabang election. I won’t engage myself to a nonsense debate with rubbish talk whether I am Indonesian or Sabahan. Your advice would be more valuable to me.