I was called yesterday by someone from HQ, to stop comment on the alleged fraud in the MPP election in such. Or my comment may jeopardize the ‘investigation’. I shall shut my mouth for the time being pending the outcome of the ‘investigation’.

Due Diligence (DD) is the best way to quash the allegation of fraud in some of the cabang in Sabah. Send a team of 10 pengawas, preferable headed by Dr. Molly Cheah, the chairperson of the election, to conduct the DD. Thereafter, everyone must accept the result fair and square.

We must be seen as doing the right thing in the public and or members’ eyes. Justices must be seen to be done by a party that calls itself justice party. Don’t sweep things under the carpet any more.

Wish you all a restful and blessed Sunday. It’s good to have a break from our busy schedule. I hope all of you will enjoy the restful day as I do now.