I am concern with the alleged fraud, money politics and high handedness involved in our MPP election last week end. Why do we need to go down so low? The allegation must be cleared as soon as possible by carrying out an investigation. We can’t sweep them under the carpet any more.

Let the members select their leaders, without money, influence and ‘threat’ from the highest level of the leadership. We are a party that proclaims justice. We must lead by example. The party leadership must re exam the election process when so many Ketua Cabang are cries foul on it.

Kota Kinabalu Cabang followed a strict the election procedure on its recent MPP election. The election process went smoothly with the help of the 5 pengawas from Kuala Lumpur. I felt sorry for those cabang who were ‘pressured’ into voting for a favored person. It sounds like UMNO style to me. PKR is supposed to be a party for justice. Where is the justice now?