The public & senior citizens that are paying RM5.00 per visit in the government hospital (specialist) is an added financial burden, especially to the senior citizens. We maintain that our senior citizens, 56 & above, should be exempted like the government servants when they seek medical treatment at the government hospital, while the non-citizens must pay for using our medical facility.

At this end, I call on the health ministry to set up or appoint specific clinics throughout Sabah, to ease the congestion in government hospitals & at the same time to meet the requirement of medical treatment of the non-citizens, fees payable by them. The government should not be burden giving free treatment.

The policies for these specialist clinics are to be formulated by the health ministry with relevant parties. That way, our hospitals and doctors will be able to focus on giving their best treatment to our citizens only.

Christina Liew
PKR Kota Kinabalu. Sabah