The owner of the house Mr. Chong Kiet Phin expressed his disappointment with a developer who recklessly cut the hill in front of his house, in the Saujana hill whereby Christina went for site inspection last week upon receipt of his complaint.
Mr. Chong said he tried to rationalize with the said developer but failed to get any positive result. The said developer cut the hill right in front of his house, (which is a reserved land) to fill up his own land which is at least 20 feet below the said hill.

If the developer does not stop cutting the said hill, soon there will be a steep drop of 20′ from his front door. A heavy down pour would wash his house down to the bottom of the hill as the developer does not plan to buld retaining wall on the side of the cut hill.

Mr. Chong had lived in the same house for 35 years and he regrets the developer is so inconsiderate in his housing project to the point of affecting other people’s land. He turned to Christina Liew for help.
He appointed her to take legal action to stop the said developer from cutting the hill further. Mr. Chong said the environment already been spoiled as the developer had bull dozed & chopped down all the trees around his house.