Christina Liew

PKR Deputy Chairperson Sabah
Chairperson Kota Kinabalu Division

The Director of National Registration Department (NRD) had agreed to a meeting/dialogue with the representatives of holder of problematic MyKad on 24th September 2010 at 9.00am at the NRD (Sabah) office.

This is a follow-up meeting after Christina Liew & Adenin Bin Ahmad met the Director Tuan Hj Abdul Jaffear Henry on 8th September 2010. In that meeting, after hearing the problem that bothered Adenin Bin Ahmad for 2 years, the Director of NRD immediately directed the issuance of a late registration birth certificate to Adenin Bin Ahmad’s daughter, who was born at the Queen Elizabeth hospital 2 years ago. The baby was not issued a birth certificate then due to the confusion in Adenin Bin Admad’s Mykad, which stated his religious status as Islam when he said otherwise.

Adenin Bin Admad is now waiting for the decision of the Syariah Court on his father/and his religious status before he can take further step.

“I hope holders of the problematic Mykad will bring or provide sufficient supporting documents for the NRD to process their problematic MyKad issues as each case may be different. Any public who need assistance pertaining to the similar problematic MyKad issues may contact me at 088 247452 anytime.

To this end, I wish to thank the NRD Director, Tuan Hj Abdul Jaffear Henry in his understanding of our local conditions. Whenever our local natives’ names that carry bin or binti do not automatically mean they are muslim.”

Christina Liew
16th September 2010