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16th September 2010

Ronnie Klassen’s accusation threw at our divisional chairperson Christina Liew & our women chief Rosalind Bion in a press conference on Monday 15 September 2010 is uncalled for.

“Christina was the first PKR candidate in the Likas by election in 2001. Since then, we worked consistently promoting the party. One of the things we do was to educate the people that we can have a choice. The power is in their hands to change the BN government, to an alternative government. We do not have to tolerate the corruption, nepotism and abused of power by those in power now. Our struggle is clear; we want a two party system of government in Malaysia whereby the people can have a right for justice and equality. We will continue this struggle until we attain our aim.

As an opposition, the last 10 years’ struggle has been a big challenge, a long a winding road. But we never waiver. We never have any problem working as a team under the leadership of Christina Liew in the past 10 years.

It has always been our principle, to render services to the people, especially the poor & the marginalized through our NGO arm under the Kota Kinabalu division (The Society of Hope). We always speak up on issues that are unfair and unjust to the people of Sabah.

“Ronnie Klassen who joined PKR 2 months ago, and his running mates Dr. Chong Eng Leong, a former supreme counsel member of PBS before he joined PKR last year & Benny Quak Yi Than, former Luyang community leader of SAAP before he joined PKR 2 months ago; should join force with our present leadership and contribute to the struggle of the party instead of making wild accusation against our Christina Liew & Rosalind Bion publicly. It amounts to cheap publicity promoting themselves instead of promoting the Party. The party’s interest is not in their heart.”

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