Ronnie Klassen and his team’s manifesto released in a press conference on 2nd September 2010 together with hi running mates; Dr Chong Eng Leong and Benny Quak, who running for deputy and vice chairman position respectively. The Former PKR Chairman Ansari Abdullah was also in the press conference. In the press conference, Ronnie Klassen said the KK division needs to change; it needs a new packaging in order to move forward to help the people.

Ronnie Klassen’s manifesto consists of 8 promises for this party election. He promised to give the 4000 members of Kota Kinabalu division the followings:

1. Quarterly copy of party newspapers so that they know what is happening in the party (no mention if they’re FOC?);

2. Bi-weekly broadcast of his radio/media talk shows, with his analysis of the situation of PKR;

3. To provide the latest party news and activities via SMS to every member of KK division; (no mention of FOC?)

4. To give RM200 cash to children of KK members who obtained first two (2) top position in the UPSR, PMR and SPM examinations;

5. To pay for the children of the members of KK division who are poor and unableto pay school fees;

6. To pay RM200 to the family of members who passed away;

7. To set up special committee to look for jobs for the KK members; and

8. To have 24 hours hotline for members in times of emergency to contact him or any of the leaders.

The KK Cabang Election committees wish to state its position with respect on its social and political agenda;

1. Party news and activities are mostly from the internet, the facebook and the PKR party blogs. Ronnie Klassen has been operating some personal blog and in the name of Sabah PKR blog. He claims he has 1 million visitors. We want him to confirm the newspapers he talked about. If any, are going to be given to all the 4000 members of KK division Free Of Charge?

2. His so called radio/media broadcast is subjective and prejudice. Even when he was appointed as Director of Communication of Sabah PKR, he badmouths the Sabah PKR leaders instead of BN. As PKR supporters, we are not interested to read his blogs. We have, many independent and reliable blogs to obtain our source of party news, eg, PKR website and blogs, Malaysiakini, MalaysiaToday, Malaysia Mirror, Sabah Blog, PKR websites, PKR blogs and etc.

3. Everyone in Sabah especially in KK has hand phone and know how to SMS. We can get party news instantly with a click. We want him to confirm that the party news he provides via SMS to all the 4000 members will be Free of Charge?

4. We ask Ronnie Klassen to give the RM200 with a willing heart. Do not give with conditions that are not realistic to attain. How many of our PKR member’s children can obtain the two top position (number 1 and 2) in their UPSR, PMR, SPM and A Level examinations before they are qualified to get the RM200 cash?

5. Students enjoy free education in all the government schools anyway. The students received free textbook and exercise books. The welfare departments must render assistance to the student from poor family with lunch or other expenses whenever the students apply for the assistance through their schools. Through Hope Center, we donate food items, milk powder, medicines, clothing, and books whenever we visit the poor families. Our hotline is open 24 hours for calls from these poor and needy.

6. It has always been the practice and tradition to give the bereaved families condolence money whenever we attend our member or friend’s funeral. However, we will not promise RM200.

7. We will refer to him whenever we received calls from the unemployed, for him to look for jobs and employment for them. It is time for him to contribute his part in the struggle of the party instead of being an instant YB.

8. For the last 10 years, we have received many calls from public, who lodged complaints on various issues. Many of the complaints were attended to the settled between the parties. Those that we cannot settle and warrants legal action, we take the culprits to court.

9. We strive to achieve the goal of changing the present corrupt system. The time has come for the people to stand together to change the BN government, and to replace it with a clean, trust worthy, transparent government; free from the money politics and empty promises like what the BN is doing now.

On behalf od the KK Cabang Election Committee,

Rosalin Bion
Secretary of KK Cabang Election Committee
3 September 2010