Kota Kinabalu: Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Sabah claims it will have more credibility than the present Barisan Nasional (BN) State Government if given the opportunity to administer the State. “We have more credible leaders than in Umno and BN the collective leadership concept we are practising is better than the ‘one-man show’ leadership concept practised by the BN,” said its Chairman Ahmad Thamrin, when opening the PKR Kota Kinabalu Division’s AGM.

He said those questioning the credibility of leadership in PKR need to know the true definition of credibility and see whether it fits the present BN leaders.

He was supporting Deputy Chairperson Christina Liew’s response to a recent letter by a person under the penname “Concerned Public” in the popular Daily Express’ Sunday forum.

“Concerned Public” had stated that the opposition does not have credible leaders and ready policies or guidelines for addressing the issues.

Liew argued that if the BN Government was truly credible, Sabah should not have unresolved problems like illegal immigrants, poverty, electricity and water supplies, rural development, etc.

When the people of Sabah give Pakatan Rakyat the mandate, we will show that the opposition actually can govern much better based on three major principles namely transparency, accountability and fairness and justice.

Liew cited a road construction project from Keningau to Kalabakan costing about RM500 million which actually turned out to be gravel but nobody was held accountable for it.

Yet the Public Works Department suddenly announced last month it is going to apply for another RM200 million to tar the said road we are talking about RM700million,” she said.

“If there is transparency and accountability the cost and money to be spent for just this particular project would not have increased,” she said, adding the RM200 million can be used to seal about 200km of roads throughout Sabah or for another development projects necessary for the people.

On fairness and justice, she claimed the “discriminative policy” of the present BN Government has prevented many students, despite scoring very good results, from studying in local universities.

“They cannot get into university, they cannot get a scholarship although they are smartÉand yet you are telling me the BN Government knows how to govern and the opposition cannot?

Christina also announced that the Hope Foundation, the charity arm of the division, is starting three donation collection centres in Damai, Luyang and Penampang.

She invited the public to donate generously in kind or cash to any of the centres for needy rural folk throughout the State.

“Our centre welcomes any kind of donation, like even old newspapers or instant noodle packs, all these will go to needy rural folk,” she said, adding the foundation together with other non-governmental organisations has also helped provide assistance to flood victims in the northern districts.

source: daily express